Beyond Real: AR, VR & XR

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Extended Reality are mushrooming into many sectors of the economy, now that the tech surrounding it has become scalable and affordable to deploy both in the workplace and at home -- and it's not just for games or the wow factor anymore.
Give us your CAD files and we will create 3D interactive viewers for over 30 platform and incorporate technologies such as VR and AR. We will help you develop Use Cases, Design Client Pre-Viz or Pre-Builds for Contractors with full BIM data, augment your Sales and Marketing Campaigns, build Simulations, or create Maintenance and Training Software.
Virtual Walkthrough
Virtual Walkthrough
Virtual Walkthrough


  • Increase ROI up to 10x with Virtual Prototyping
  • Quickly refine and test your products
  • Pre-Viz Designs and Site Plans
  • Collaborate with teams remotely


  • BIM Integration
  • Overlay plans and schematics for your products or machinery in situ
  • Enhance assembly and repair tasks
  • KPIs, Dashboards, Stats all in context


  • Immersive and engaging Demos and Walkthroughs
  • On-Brand content experiences in 3D
  • Optimize Retail spaces and create virtual Points of Sale, Advertising


  • HUD Interfaces
  • Augmented Product Manuals
  • Extended Device Control Systems
  • Real-Time Safety Monitoring
  • Reduce, Prevent Operator Errors


  • Hands-Free Service Manuals
  • Guided Inspection
  • Remote Expertise for End Users
  • Realistic Training for Service Techs
  • Better Repairs and Success Rates


  • Rapidly teach workers to use new tools and hone workflow
  • More efficiencies, better throughput
  • Reduce costs and defects; prevents training accidents
AR, VR and XR are seeing extensive use in industrial such as Architecture, Employee Training, Manufacturing, Medicine, Real Estate, and many others. In these fields, we are now in a position to provide previously unavailable experiences like low-risk immersive training on medical procedures or heavy manufacturing equipment and machinery, or remotely available walkthroughs for commercial and residential real estate whether it is in the planning phase or has already been built. This opens up a whole new vista of content that can be provided to your clientele, your investors, or your staff.
We can bring all of these capabilities to your people, vastly enhancing the experience and utility you're offering in your business, and distinguishing you well above your competition.

Platforms Include

3DS • Android • Android TV • Apple's ARKit • ARCore • Daydream • Facebook Gameroom • Fire OS • Gear VR • Google Cardboard • Google's Vuforia • iOS • Linux • Mac • Magic Leap • Nintendo Switch • Oculus Rift • PlayStation 4 • PlayStation Vita • PlayStation VR • Samsung Smart TV • Steam VR • Tizen • tvOS • Universal Windows Platform • WebGL • Windows • Windows Mixed Reality • Xbox One

Importable File Formats

File Type Version Filetype Extension
3DS All versions 3DS
ACIS Up to 2019 SAT, SAB
AutoCAD 3D Up to Version 2019 DWG, DXF
Autodesk Alias Versions 2016 to 2019 WIRE
Autodesk FBX Versions 2011 to 2019 FBX
Autodesk Inventor Up to 2020 IPT, IAM
Autodesk Revit 2015 to 2019 RVT, RFA
Autodesk VRED 2017 to 2020 VPB
CATIA V5 Up to V5-6 R2018 (R28) CATPart, CATProduct, CATShape, CGR
CATIA V5 [3DXML] Up to V5-6 R2018 (R28) 3DXML
CATIA V6 [3DXML] Up to 2013x 3DXML
Creo - Pro/E Pro/Engineer 19.0 to Creo 6.0 ASM, NEU, PRT, XAS, XPR
COLLADA All versions DAE
CSB Deltagen Up to Version 2018 CSB
IFC IFC2x Editions 2, 3 and 4 IFC
IGES 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 IGS, IGES
JT Up to v10.2 JT
OBJ All Versions OBJ
Parasolid Up to v31.1 X_B, X_T, P_T, P_B, XMT, XMT_TXT, XMT_BIN
PDF All Versions PDF
Point Cloud 1.0 (E57) E57, PTS, PTX
PRC All Versions PRC
Rhino3D 4, 5, 2006 3DM
SketchUp Up to Version 2018 SKP
Solid Edge V19 - 20, ST - ST10, 2019 ASM, PAR, PWD, PSM
SolidWorks From 97 up to 2019 SLDASM, SLDPRT
STEP AP 203 E1/E2, AP 214, AP 242 STP, STEP, STPZ, STEPZ
StereoLithography (STL) All Versions STL
U3D ECMA-363 (1st, 2nd & 3rd editions) U3D
Unigraphics-NX V11.0 to NX 12.0, and 1847 Series PRT
USD Up to version 0.8.5 USDZ, USDA, USDC
VDA-FS Version 1.0 and 2.0 VDA
VRML V1.0 and V2.0 WRL, VRML