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Do you want to learn a little bit about nuclear physics and blow stuff up without being designated a terrorist or getting radiation poisoning? We've got you covered, kid.

Presenting CYCLOTRONICA, an atomic scale racing game packed so densely with particle emissions that it'd kill any normal scientist, But you're no normal scientist here!

Race through and perform experiments inside some of the most dangerous and expensive environments ever constructed!

Did we mention dangerous and expensive? This game is neither!

  • Buzz through the Tokamak Fusion Reactor;
  • Build your own Noble Gases;
  • Saturate yourself with Neutrons safely;
  • Prevent the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster;
  • Dodge Gamma Rays and Antimatter Hazards;
  • Destroy Gravitic Singularities;
  • And Synthesize the very heaviest element known to man;

All within a fraction of a second! (Perceived game time may vary. See your participating consciousness for details.)

What's The Big Idea?

A game both inspired and undaunted by the inaccessibility of the test chamber, the hard vacuum, the inside of a reactor, the crucible. Cyclotronica seeks to bring the lofty world of nuclear physics home to kids of all ages. Fission and fusion, chemistry, electromagnetism, the thrill of creation and destruction, and the balance of each. We wanted to make a game that respected the rules of our living world, with enough fidelity to deliver real lessons, and enough flexibility to keep it fun.

Our idea is for the player to be at the epicenter of the danger. All of the places where you can't look with your own eyes, shouldn't stick your hands, shouldn't approach with your body - that's where we want to put the player. The collection of knowledge, the dealing of damage.

The research performed by nuclear physicists involve fantastically large devices, employing immense forces on small targets. Many are designed like a racetrack to begin with, why not? We want to put the player in the middle of the experiments. Not necessarily drawn to scale, but drawn to the interaction.

In Cyclotronica, players explore a host of experimental chambers and tunnels as "Mr. Big", the ironically tiny rider of an ultra-high tech monowheel cycle made from torquium nanides -- a fictitious material strong enough to deal with the stress of gameplay and with enough gyroscopic power to stick to walls and hold subatomic particles in inventory for long enough to fuse or use them up.

Mr. Big's cycle is equipped with one all-purpose weapon: the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Gun -- or Spin Coalescing Integral Energy aNd Coupling Emitter; it will load and fire just about any ammo you can craft or collect.


Early adopters to Cyclotronica will get free updates ad infinitum! We invite you to check it out. Download now for $9.99 on Windows and MacOS via our Store! Coming to Steam March 2021 as well.

System Requirements: 64-bit Windows or MacOS. Most GPUs made after 2014 can handle it. SSD preferred.

In future updates and expansions to the game, we plan to implement a Perk/Ability system that pairs with the Atom Catalog, giving every Element in the Periodic Table some kind of buff or special ability or constant effect [near term goal]. We also plan to set up new missions and play modes to exploit Schroedinger's Box principles, the generation and handling of Antimatter specimens, exotic Cosmology interactions, Multiplayer gameplay and unique modes of co-op and PvP. We have tons of ideas for how to move this model forward and continue to make even more robust interactions for players to toy with. We also want to continue expanding the behaviors of Atom profiles we've built so that you can deliberately mess up the experiments and get special failure conditions and achievements for fun.